Indoor Track Schedule

Dec 8th – FasTrak Indoor Opener (University of Houston)

Jan 10th – 11th Texas A&M High School Classic (Texas A&M University)

Jan 17th – 18th Carl Lewis High School Invitational (University of Houston)

Jan 25th Texas Tech Under Armour High School Classic (Texas Tech University)

Feb 8th – FasTrak High School Indoor Championship (University of Houston)

Summer Track Schedule (Subject to Change)

05/02 – AHB Clash of Texas (Austin, TX)

05/16 – 4 Star Track Meet (Elgin, TX)

05/23-  Meet of Champions (Qualification Required) (Waco, TX)

05/23 – Texas 3 (Austin, TX)

05/30 – Leander Spartans Invitational (Leander, TX)

06/12-13th – AAU District Championship (Location TBD)

06/18-21st – New Balance Outdoor (Depending on Qualification) Greensboro, NC

06/24-27th – AAU Regional Championship

07/11 – The Finals (New Spartan Meet)

07/16-18th – Coaches Coalition Championship

07/27-08/02 – USATF Junior Olympics (Based on Qualification)

08/02 – 08/08 – AAU Junior Olympics (Regular Team team Championship)