Hello Spartans –

We are looking forward to the coming 2023 Summer track season. Our program is one of the best programs in the State of Texas. We currently have 11 Spartans running Division 1 Track & Field and 17 athletes currently running collegiate Track & Field. This is an amazing statistic and we look to add to this number with the seniors we have getting ready to graduate and make the jump to College.

The costs to run the program grow each year and given the current rise of the cost of everything, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep the pricing level and continue to provide the same level of an offering. After a inventory of the costs associated with running the team and other associated cost to maintain the program the Registration for the 2023 Summer Track season will be $600

This does not factor in the hundreds of hours the coaching staff volunteers each season as each member of the staff is not paid. Think about what a hundred hours of your time would cost? We look to continue to find ways to make our Spartan Track Club offering better each season.

McLLoyd (timing/performance tracking system) annual cost

We have purchased a McLLoyd time system to help us gather more data regarding athlete performance. We believe this proven technology will give us information and help us hold our athletes accountable as we can more accurately track performance and practice effort. This equipment is fairly costly and requires many to do the financial lifting. We could only afford to start with a limited number of vests and tracking units. There is an initial cost for the equipment. There is also a monthly subscription cost for the tracking service. As more athletes/families elect to opt in for their athlete to use this service the easier it will be for the team to afford more trackers and vests.

All athletes will continue to receive the same training the only difference will be that if you have not opted in for your athlete, they will not have the use of the McLLoyd system during practice.

Annual cost for each athlete (including indoor and outdoor track for the calendar year) https://mclloyd.com/team-sport/?lang=en

$100 (Cost per Calendar year)

Spartan Recruiting Service (One-time cost)

As many of you know we don’t turn off as a staff. One or all of us is always doing some Spartan related activity or item. We often sacrifice our own personal time to adjust to meet the needs of our athletes. We are always working to give our athletes everything they will need to be successful on the track. One of the things we have traditionally done with the program is assisting with college recruiting for our athletes. This is a tedious and time consuming effort which includes hundreds of phone calls and emails to coaches to get scholarships for our athletes. It is our goal to help every Spartan earn a Track & Field Scholarship.

– Unsigned Seniors do not pay and are grandfathered in.

– This is for Freshman – Junior athletes.

– It is recommended for 9th grade and above.

– It is suggested for 10th grade and above.

This service will consist of the following items at a minimum but will also include any additional things needed to accomplish the mission of receiving officers and getting the athlete signed:

– Recruiting phone calls to coaches – unlimited.

– Recruiting phone call received from coaches – unlimited.

– Email correspondence with coaches and universities – unlimited.

– Availability to assist with scholarship amounts (negotiation) and be a part of phone calls or zoom calls with coaches as needed.

– Minimum of 20 – Interest letters / Recruitment forms sent to universities on behalf of the athletes to generate interest.

– Athlete evaluation to help the athlete and parent understand the appropriate target level for scholarship.

– Guidance with NCAA Clearinghouse compliance.

– Academic guidance for high school coursework in relation to targeted universities.

– Unlimited coaching and questions provided to athletes and parents on what to talk about during recruiting calls and visits.

– Unlimited follow up and assistance with the entire recruiting process from a member of the Spartan Coach staff.

$400 (One-time cost)