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2018 News

Spartan News
August 5th - Congratulations to the Leander Spartans for winning 16 Junior Olympic medals at the 2018 AAU Junior Olympics in Des Moines, Iowa 
August 4th - Congratulations to the National Champion Girls 16 & Under 4x400m Relay. They brought home the National Championship in at time of 3:44.69. Way to go Victory, Autumn, Elizabeth, and Hali. 
July 1st - Congrats to all of the Leander Spartans who qualified for the 2018 AAU Junior Olympics in Des Moines, Iowa. 47 Spartans Qualified in total from a team of 60 athletes. This is a tremendous feat and a indicator of overall team strength. Good luck in Iowa Spartans


October 1st - The Leander Spartans Off-Season Strength and Conditioning Programs begins. The Off-Season Strength and Conditioning Programs from October 1st through December 31st. See you team email for program details. 

August 6th - Congrats to all Leander Spartans that competed at the Junior Olympics in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  
June 18th - Congrats Spartans. We had a very successful District Championships this weekend. There were lots of medals won and awesome performances. The other teams in the district felt the might of the Spartans this weekend.  

June 5th - Practice is Cancelled today due to bad weather and lightning. Practice will resume tomorrow. Everyone be safe. Check your email for a workout for your athletes that you can do at home.  
May 25th - Practice today will be at the Rouse Field Event area (Do not go on to the track or field) there will be a soccer game going on during practice time. We will be working on field events. If the soccer activities end while we are still out there, we may get a short period of time to work on relay hand offs. Remember do not go on the Rouse Track while the soccer game is going on.  We will meet at the Rouse parking lot. 
May14th - I am very pleased by the performance of our team thus far. There have been a number of strong early season performances. The athletes are working hard and it is showing up on the track. Keep the the good work and thank you to all the parents for supporting the your athletes and the team.

April 26th - Allyson Felix wrote:
Before every big race, i take a moment to pause. a moment to be grateful for this amazing gift i've been blessed with. a moment to reflect on the immense amount of work it took to get here. a moment to be thankful i get to do what i absolutely love. it's only a second, but i love that quiet moment. 

April 17th - Hello Spartans, We are having practice today!!!. It looks like was have a passing shower. The weather should pass and we will be at practice today. Be sure to have your athlete's wear layers and bring water to practice. 

April 13th - Hello Spartans, Practice returns to Leander Middle School today. 6pm. See you there.
April 11th - Hello Spartans,It looks like we have a slight change for plans for the day. Due to the weather. LISD grass fields are being closed for a day or 2. With that development practice will be moved over to Rouse High School (about 3 miles away) located at:

Rouse High School
1222 Raider Way,
Leander, TX 78641

We will be at Rouse today. Due to the slightly cooler weather be sure to have your athlete wear layers so they can shed the layers as their body temp goes up. Since these kids are Texans 70 Degrees will feel like 60 Degrees so its going to feel a bit chilly today. Be sure to have your kids bring water to practice. 
April 10th - Leander Spartans Track Practice starts today. We are aware that the forecast potentially calls for rainy weather. As a rule we do not let the potential for rain force us into cancelling practice. If at the time of practice there is rain we will make a decision about practice. Lite rain is not a problem. Skin is waterproof .  Check back here for updates.  Otherwise see you at practice today.

April 9th - Leander Spartans Youth Track & Field practice for the 2017 season begins tomorrow Monday April 10th. We look forward to seeing some old faces and a few new ones. Practice will be at 6pm @ Leander Middle School. There is a rumor this could me the most potent Spartan team ever. Last years Spartans earned 7 Junior Olympic medals so we will see. 
March 16th - Congratulations to Elizabeth Roca. Elizabeth broke the Leander High School 400m record with a time of 57.87 at the McNeil Maverick Relays. Not only did Elizabeth make the varsity team as a 9th grader she is by far the fastest female sprinter on the team. She has a very bright future and looks to compete in college. I'm sure there are colleges that would love to have her now.  Congratulations again from your Spartan family and keep up the good work. 
February 1st - Registration for the 2017 Season will be Opening soon. 

September 1st - Congratulations to Jace Poole who became the 1st ever Leander Spartans National Champion. This is an amazing feat. Jace was the top 800m athlete in the boys 12 year old division in the Nation. Jace also ranked 2nd in the US in the 400m for the boys 12 year old division.
September 1st - Congratulations to Devon Rodriguez & Elizabeth Roca on becoming a Spartan Elite. This designation is reserved for Leander Spartans that have achieved at a very high level. It is equivalent to the Hall of Fame for the Spartans Organization.  Congratulations to Devon and Elizabeth to achieving this accomplishment in their 1st and 2nd years respectively with the team. Both of these youth ladies ran in the 14 and Under division in 2016 and earned a Junior Olympic Medal as part of the 4x400m Relay that placed 5th in the U.S. It truly is a testament to the level of athletes they are and the hard work they put in. We look forward to many more years of success and high athletic achievement.  
Criteria for becoming one of the Spartan Elite:
One of the following must be earned
Minimum of 1 Junior Olympic Medals 
Minimum of 3 AAU Regional Championship Gold Medals 
Total of 8 AAU Regional Championship Medals (Gold, Silver or Bronze)
Minimum of of 3 Texas Amateur Athletic Federation Medals (Gold Silver or Bronze)

July 3rd - Amazing job Spartans!!!  We have a hard fought 2 weeks that included the AAU District and Regional Championships in Converse (San Antonio, TX) We now have our 2016 AAU Track & Field Junior Olympians. We are so very proud of all of our Spartans. Everyone gave all they had in an effort to achieve this goal as is the case every year there are a lot of Spartans that achieve this goal. Track & Field is one of the toughest and most demanding youth sports. It often requires you to achieve on your own merits and you can only get out of it, what you put into it. The conditions are usually hot and miserable and he days are long. We have a number of medalists and Regional Champions. Thank everyone for all their effort.  This was a great event and the Spartans fought HARD!!!
June 29th - Here is a cool feature done on one of our athletes leading up to the AAU South Texas Regional as an athlete to watch out for during the Championships:    Congrats Autumn!!!
June 26th - Here is the schedule for the upcoming 2016 AAU Regional Championship. This is the meet where we will find out who will be a Junior Olympian: 

June 26th - Congratulations to all the Spartans that competed and advanced in the AAU Southern District Qualifier. There was a number of medals won and hard fought spots earned by Spartan athletes. Great job to all the parents for having their athletes to the track on time. It is a family effort to put these kids in a position to be successful. There were a few team records Broken and the record board will be updated today.  
June 21st - Here is the Schedule for the the upcoming AAU South Texas (Southern) District Championships: http://image.aausports.org/dnn/athletics/2016/16-ST-Southern-District-Info.pdf 
Please look at the schedule and know when your athlete competes. This meet starts at 7am and stays on a fast moving tight schedule. It is easy to miss your events so don't try to guess when you might need to be there. Be there early and stay until your event is over. The train will leave the station and your Junior Olympic chance will be lost
June 16th - Spartans...The weather is hot. we need to make sure we are dressing appropriately and bringing plenty to drink.  Summer Track in Texas will help develop your mental toughness!!!

June 12th - We had another great showing from a Leander Spartan team that is the strongest version of the Spartans yet. There were a number of personal best set in the field events and many strong performances on the track. Thank you for all the families that stayed to support the athletes competing into the night.
June 5th -  Yesterday we had the Leander Spartans Invitational. It was an amazing event which included 34 teams and over 650 athletes. I want to offer a special thanks to all the athletes that competed so hard to represent the Spartan Nation!!!. I also want to offer a special thank you to all the volunteers that worked so hard to make this thing a success. There is no way a production of that size could be put on without the selfless dedication of everyone involved. 

May 31st - Practice is cancelled today. 
May 31st - Hello Spartans. It looks like we are in for some interesting weather today and during the week. I will be sure to post updates here in the news section of the website to help us navigate our path. I will make an announcement about practice today at 5pm. At this time we will plan to have practice unless otherwise stated.  
May 29th - There will be (optional) practice on Monday May 30th. For those athletes that are looking to continue building on their gains and others that are right on the edge of having that next level performance we want to provide an opportunity to keep getting better. Hope to see as many Spartans as I can get there. To the rest of that Spartans that have family plans...see you on Tuesday. Don't be surprised if some of the BBQ comes back up. 
May 29 - Saturday was the 11th running of the Primetime Runners Track Meet. Congratulations to all of the Spartans who competed Saturday. Way of the Spartans shows tremendous improvement and are setting themselves up to preform well at the upcoming District and Regional Championships. Keep up the the good work Spartans!!!  
May 8th -  Happy Mothers day to all the Spartan Mothers. Spartan Mothers give birth to real athletes!!!.
May 7th -  Saturday was an amazing showing of Spartan Strength. Congratulations to all the Spartans who competed on Saturday. We had a number of great performances to start the season at the Reach 1 Invitational Track Meet at McNeil High School.  We have a very strong team that looks to be the strongest Spartan squad ever. This is largely in park to several returning Spartans and some outstanding new additions. We have also added some members to the coaching staff that are off the charts. We are extremely fortunate and look to build on the success.
April 21st - As most of you know, we are experiencing a stretch of rainy weather. As a rule our default mode is to have practice regardless of the weather. The weather will be monitored and with all safety and appropriate considerations made a decision will be made at 4pm regarding the status of practice. Again when in doubt, come to practice. Be sure to check the website "news" section as well as as your email for the latest update regarding practice. If your still confused contact Coach.
April 20th - Tonight begins the Leander Spartans 9 week Strength Training series @ Champion Performance. This Strength Training is targeted for Spartans that are ages 12-18 years old and have the desire to improve. This is fast paced aggressive strength training for those Spartans looking to take their ability to the next level. If you plan on attending please arrive at or before 6:30pm. If you have any questions refer to the information in your team information guide or contact Coach Frank
April 18th - There will be practice today (Monday April 18th). We have had a lot of rain and we are scheduled to get more over the course of the week. Our default mode is to have practice. We do however want to keep everyone safe and in the event of lightning, severe weather, or hard rain we will look to cancel practice. Today it looks as if there will be a break in the rain from 3pm till 8:30pm therefore we will have practice at Leander Middle School @ 6pm. 
April 15th - The Leander Spartans had a very successful first week of Practice. There is a lot of new faces and talented athletes this season. Exciting times are coming. 

April 11th - Leander Spartans Youth Track & Field practice for the 2016 season begins today. We look forward to seeing some old faces and many new ones. Practice will be at 6pm @ Leander Middle School. 
February 1st - Registration for the 2016 season is now open. Click here to register: